Ask a VC: John O’Farrell Gives Tips on Deal Making, Advice to Would-Be VCs (TCTV)

This week’s Ask a VC has a different twist, since we had a different kind of VC on the show, John O’Farrell Andressen Horowitz’s guru on business development and deal-making.

The questions you asked O’Farrell are below. As usual, feel free to watch the whole show or use the links to skip ahead to your question.

“Have you ever invested in a single employee startup? Would this be a situation in which you guys would make a deal?”

“If you are managing a fund, has the timeline for ROI gotten shorter as a result of this unstable and uncertain environment? Also, what are your thoughts about an entrepreneur allocating a percentage of funds raised to remain outside of bonds, equities, and currency denominated assets until the
funds are necessary, instead remain in a physical commodity?”
attention or credit in many startups?”
“How can I build the right team to start a VC firm if I don’t have any VC experience, but do have a good eye for talent? Who would I need to recruit to help me run the firm without losing all control of it myself?”