Motorola Attacks Apple In Super Bowl Commercial

Super Bowl is just around the corner, and that means it’s the one and only time people anticipate commercials more than the game. Motorola has released a teaser for their Super Bowl commercial and it criticizes Apple. Their message is that “2011 is [actually] a lot like 1984.” The 1984 reference dates back to Apple’s own Super Bowl commercial where they excoritated IBM for being controlling.

Motorola is using Apple’s own message against them. Motorola claims Apple offers only one way to work, with one design and one authority and that people want more choices. Also, Motorola feels that their products are better by offering more speed, flexibility and freedom.

Electronista thinks that the ad is somewhat disingenuous of Motorola because:

Motorola will only have one tablet on launch and won’t have a second model until late 2011. It has also been one of the most restrictive Android device makers and has a bootloader lock that forces deeper hacks to install the user’s choice of firmware. iPhones have a more closed OS but also don’t have as tough firmware restrictions.

No matter what Motorola says, it’s ultimately up to customers, and they seem to be okay with 1984,