T-Mobile Launches Galaxy S 4G, Now With 100% More 4G

Hey T-Mobile Vibrant owners — feel that sting? That’s the cold slap of the cruelest mistress known to the gadget world: planned obsolescence. Just 7 months after the launch of the Vibrant, T-Mobile has announced that its oh-so-marginally-improved successor, the Galaxy S 4G, will launch sometime in February.

Given that most of the details surrounding the Galaxy S 4G have already leaked out or been announced, the main point of tonight’s announcement was the launch date. It’s odd, then, that T-Mobile is holdin’ out with the specifics beyond sometime “in February”.

As for the whole planned obsolescence thing, don’t feel too bad; outside of the name change, a front-facing camera, and support for T-Mobile’s kinda-sorta-but-not-really-4G network, the Vibrant and the Galaxy S 4G are pretty much the same thing.

(Oh, and the Galaxy S 4G comes preloaded with a copy of Inception. Unless T-Mobile hired some dude to go in my dreams and make me think it comes with a copy of Inception. BWAAAARGH)