Verizon iPhone 4 Pre-Orders Begin Shipping Already

Did you order up a Verizon iPhone when the pre-order system went live this morning? Might want to check your inbox. In what is quite possibly the quickest turnover in the history of major launches, it looks like these things are already floating around on transport trucks around the country.

Just a few hours after the pre-orders went live, we started gettin’ tips from our lovely readers indicating that their order statuses had changed to “Your order has been shipped”. A quick search on Twitter confirms it: a ton of VZW iPhone 4s are already on their way.

Now, now, before you get too excited: given Apple’s history, there’s a pretty solid possibility that these things still won’t arrive before their intended launch date on February 10th. Apple has some experience when it comes to prepping for big launches, and some pretty heavy swagger when it comes to dealing with shippers. For the past few big launches, they’ve started the shipping process days before the launch, only to have all the devices held at major shipping hubs until the big day comes. A few devices tend to slip through the cracks here and there — but for the most part, pre-ordered devices intended to launch on a certain day arrive on that day.

Of course, it’s also quite possible that Verizon’s handling all the shipping here rather than APple — in which case, whether or not they’ll arrive early is anyone’s guess. Let us know if Mr. Fedex makes a surprise appearance, won’t you?