The Top 5 Super Bowl Commercials Already Out

There isn’t anything quite like Super Bowl commercials. For many of you, it’s the best part of the game. So we thought we’d show you ahead of time some of our favorites that have already come out.

Just so you know, this year is being considered The Year of the Autos, with many of the companies getting back into profits and all. The big automakers have purchased about one-third of all air time. Maybe it’s because all these commercials are longer than 30 sec.

5. Volkswagen Beetle

This of course is to get you ready for the next-gen Beetle on its way later this year. Nothing much here, just a little clever.

4. Chrysler

I agree with the message here, but does it need to take longer than a minute?

3. Audi

We like Audi, we really do, but this commercial is..well, interesting. It gets third place since it’s such a mindf***.

2. Kia Optima

Pretty neat, reminds me of those Russian nested dolls. Feel the fractals.

1. Volkswagen Passat

This is one that I can say is my favorite. It’s got all the right stuff: nostalgia, Star Wars, cute kid and a silver Chevy Impala.

Bonus: Motorola Xoom