OMG/JK: Apple Straight-Arms The Competition As Honeycomb Prepares For Kick-Off

It’s Super Bowl Sunday, which means there’s a decent chance you’re about to zone out in front of the television for the next several hours. But before you do that, why not tune in to the latest episode of OMG/JK — where my colleague MG Siegler and I discuss the surprise calls and bone-crushing, competitive maneuvers taking place on the gridiron of Silicon Valley. See, I know football lingo!

Anyway, it’s been a big week in mobile: MG is now able to make phone calls using his Verizon iPhone (which will be released to consumers this week). We also got our first chance to try out Android Honeycomb, as well as Google’s web-based Android Market. And, finally, we discuss Apple’s decision to block Sony’s E-Reader application, and what the implications are for Amazon’s Kindle platform.

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