T-Mobile To Hold A Two-Day "All Smartphones Free" Sale This Weekend

Hey, you! The one standing in line at T-Mobile, waiting to buy that new smartphone! Waaaaait! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIT!

This Friday/Saturday T-Mobile’s going to be hosting a 2-day “All Smartphones Free” sale, during which, as you could probably gather from the name, all smartphones will be free on a 2-year contract. Yeah, yeah, you’ll still need to sign your life away for 2 years and probably deal with a mail-in rebate — but if you were going to drop a few Franklins on a Vibrant or G2 or something along those lines anyway, you might as well save yourself some change.

Note to would-be buyers: it’s worth noting that much of T-Mo’s high-end lineup is reaching the late-middle/end of its life cycle. While most of their high-end line up is beefy enough to hold its own for some time, I’d expect most of these to be phased out or dropped down a few price rungs in the next few weeks.

[Via TmoNews]