Filmy: Watch AVCHD Video On Your PS3 (For $5)

Sony has just rolled out a new application for the PS3 called Filmy that “allows easy organization and viewing of AVCHD video recorded with Sony cameras on [the system].” Well, as long as it’s easy, I suppose.

The application, which will cost $5 for the full version (there’s a 15-minute trial mode to test it out), doesn’t appear to have much to it. You install it, and then it shows up under the Video section of the cross-media bar. You then plug your camera into the PS3 via a USB cable and off you go.

Presumably you’d be able to connect the same camera to your PC then stream it over to your PS3 using something like PS3 Media Server, but that’s not Easy To Use, now is it?

No, not a huge deal, but not everything needs to be.