What is this?

What’s behind that blurry veil? It is, for the time being, a mystery. While it’s something I’ve been pretty excited to check out for a few weeks now, I’ve unfortunately been asked to keep mum about it until 12 o’clock PST tomorrow. Come back then to check it out — in the meantime, take your best guess down in the comments.

Oh, and by the way (but not necessarily related at all): tomorrow is also HP/Palm’s big webOS announcement, where they’re expected to finally reveal the long-awaited webOS tablet and at least one or two new phones. The event starts at 10 A.M. PST
(1 P.M. Eastern), and we’ll begin liveblogging at about 9:30 a.m. Be there, or be square. And uninformed. And sad that you missed it. But mostly square.

Update: It’s the Atrix!