Sharp Baccarat SH-09C: Japan's Newest "Luxury" Handset

Japan’s three big mobile carriers are offering more than 100 handsets per year, and some of them are quite unique. The latest limited edition is the Sharp SH-09C [JP], a handset developed in cooperation with French luxury crystal glass maker Baccarat and distributed by mobile carrier NTT Docomo.

Docomo says callers will see a Baccarat glass or tumbler whenever they receive or make a call. Baccarat fans can also choose among special Baccarat wall papers, fonts and icons.

Technically, the phone is based on the Sharp SH-01C that Docomo showed last November (3.4-inch screen with 480×854 resolution, 14.1MP CCD camera with full HD recording, HDMI port, DLNA support, Wi-Fi).

Japanese buyers will be able to lay their hands on the limited edition phone (5,000 units) next month.