Funny Or Die Explains The AOL-HuffPo Deal: "Bringing The Future Back To 1996"

Ever since AOL announced its $315 million acquisition of the Huffington Post, pundits have been asking what does it mean? Well, look no further. Funny or Die created the faux infommercial above that looks like it was shot 15 years ago. The tagline is, “AOL and the Huffington Post: Bringing the future back to 1996.”

Basically, what you get with AOL-HuffPo are Alec Baldwin editorials and cybersex chatrooms filled with midwestern housewives. Oh, and you can also download your favorite Wav files of Arianna Huffington quotes, which you can listen to every time you get a new email: “Master the Internet.” I am downloading some right now at AOL HQ, from where I’m writing this post.

(For a more sinister video parody, check this one out).