App Visually Filters Pages You've "Liked" On Facebook: Why Isn't This A Facebook Feature?

The meaning of a Facebook Like has been getting more and more vague ever since Facebook changed the wording from “Become a fan” to “Like” on Facebook Fan Pages. What’s even more frustrating than this is that there’s no simple way, aside from visiting the “Activities,” “Interests” and “Other Pages” part of your Facebook profile, to figure out what Pages you have liked in the past. And there’s no way to do it in an visually appealing manner.

In essence: It’s complicated.

As many Pages employ tactics in order to “force” people to like stuff (in order to access content for example), it’s about time users had a simple interface to view and manage what they’ve Liked, especially as the new Facebook “Sponsored Story” features cull information from your Likes in order to show ads to your friends.

As rough and scrappy as it is, the MyLikesBox Facebook app shows you the Pages you’ve Liked including their logos, lets you sort by them category and allows you to remove Pages you’d like to un-Like (Note: webpages that use Open Graph tags may show up as Likes, because Facebook holds them equivalent to Pages).

I have no idea why Facebook has yet to build something like this, especially as Like button use becomes a more and more predominant marker of brand engagement. And while I wish the MyLikesBox tracking was more comprehensive than just Facebook Pages, i.e. it showed me every article and status update and person I have ever liked, Pages is a at least a start, for now.

Proof: Through the use of MyLikesBox, I have un-Liked at least two pages I hadn’t really meant to Like.

You can try out the app here.

Update: Although the app seems to be working fine for me (I have a relatively small number of Likes), some of you are reporting Like inaccuracies as well as possible security issues. If you want to manually manage your Likes without installing MyLikesBox you can go to Activities > Interests > Other Pages and delete them from there.