3net, The 24/7 3D Network, Launches With Documentaries Galore

The new 24/7 3D network, 3net, goes live today on DirecTV (and only on DirecTV, at least for now), and we now have a full schedule. A cursory glance of the schedule shows a pretty varied line-up: nature documentaries, sporty shows, crime shows, etc. A little bit of something for everyone—provided you have a 3DTV, of course.

New programs air every night at 9pm ET/6pm PT (no staggered feed, in other words).

Viewers can look forward to “Oceana Airshow” (“thrilling tactical demonstrations by the Navy’s best aviators”), “Puppy Bowl VII” (“nearly 50
cuddly rescue puppies of all breeds brought together on a 19-foot long
field to battle it out”), “Bugs! A Rainforest Adventure,” and “3D Sun,” which is as much about the Sun’s influence on our planet as it is the star itself.

The network has the feel of early HD programming: nature heavy and documentaries as far as the eye can see.

But at least now you’ll always have something in 3D to check out at any given moment.