DOTKLOK: A Clock Made Of Dots

DOTKLOK: Game Time from The Latest Artists on Vimeo.

Like the Pong Clock, the DOTKLOK uses an LED array to display the time – and more. Available at Etsy for $150 ($200 assembled), the kit uses and Arduino board to display the time and includes a sexy case.

The inspiration for DOTKLOK was to combine in one clock a variety of ways to show time — such as with words, graphics, or retro game displays — while providing a platform on which others can further develop unique timepieces.

DOTKLOK is Arduino compatible, making it easily customized and updated by owners*. A dedicated real-time clock (RTC) chip tracks the time and date even in the absence of power thanks to a small back-up battery. Also, because of the open source nature of the project, DOTKLOK can be re-purposed for other uses altogether, such as a low-fi video game platform.

The kit includes multiple clock faces and it can cycle through faces once a day. It has a 24×16 screen and is fully hackable.

via Make