CafePress Wants To Give You A CrunchGear iPhone 4 Case

Happy Thursday! CafePress, makers of customized T-shirts and books and mugs and stuff, wants to give you, the fine people of CG, 100 CrunchGear iPhone 4 cases. Why? Because you guys are b to the a to the d to the a to the double snakes, that’s why.

This is a random for one of 100 CrunchGear iPhone cases and entering is pretty darn simple.

To enter, just send an email to with the subject line “CG ME.” We’ll hold the lines open until next Monday and CafePress will will ship the cases out next week. I have been assured that CafePress will not use your email address for evil. Good luck and we hope you enjoying walking around with a CG case… like a boss.