Microsoft Rolls Out A Pre-Update Update For Windows Phone 7

Whoa, whoa, whoa — I just realized how long it’s been since we’ve done our once-regular segment, Good News/Bad News. With that said, you can probably assume what’s coming next: It’s Good News/Bad News time!

The Good News: Windows Phone 7 handsets are getting their first software update today!

The Bad News: It’s not the update you’re waiting for.

According to Microsoft, this update is more of a primer than anything else. They’re patching up a few bugs in the update process itself, as well as putting some polish on some smaller bits that will make the big update that much less complicated to pull off.

Once you’ve received the alert saying your phone is ready for update, you’ll have to plug it into either the Zune software (PC) or Windows Phone 7 Connector (Mac) and let it do its thing.

Once that’s done, it’ll just be a few more weeks before the long-awaited copy-and-paste update starts hittin’ handsets near and far. Unless there’s another update before that, which will probably require at least two more pre-update updates.