Contest: Want This Incredibly Awesome Android Pin? Drop A Comment To Enter.

From the Desire S to the HTC Flyer, last week’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona served as the launching pad for a ton of new stuff. But do you know what the real stars of the show were? These… friggin’… Android pins.

Want to win one? It’s really, really easy. Check after the jump for the details.

Brought out by Google and given to various Android partners as swag to help draw people to their booths, these things quickly rocketed from cute trinket to cabbage-patch-doll-on-Christmas-Eve status. Really: I saw a grown man yelling at a Google booth employee because they’d run out of pins. Like really yelling. Like “You just crashed your car into my house and set my collection of million dollar bills on fire” yelling. I was tempted to just give him this pin to shut him up, but then I decided to give it to you guys instead.

So, here you go, dear reader: a contest for a Mobile World Congress 2011 Android pin, brought back to you all the way from Spain. You can wear it in pride, knowing that you got it instead of some grumpy manners-less jerk.

How to win it: Drop a comment below, and we’ll pick a winner at random. One comment per person, please (We’ll have our anti-cheating robot, Johnson, checking for duplicates. He’s kind of like Watson, except cheaper and the only question he knows the answer to is “Where da ladies at?”). Make sure to leave a proper address in the e-mail field so that we can reach you if you win.

Update: We’ll randomly pick the winner this Sunday, 2/27. Be sure to get your comment in by then!