Friended: True, Native iPad Access To Facebook

If you’ve ever opened the pixellated hell that is the Facebook iPhone app on the iPad, you’ll realize that something must be done to improve our species ability to connect with friends and relations. That thing is Friended by Napkin Studio, a native iPad Facebook app designed from the ground up to be far superior to Facebook’s own offering.

The app costs 99 cents for a non-ad-besmirched version and is actually quite excellent. All of the major functionality is there including message viewing, image browsing, and status updates. On the whole it is no better or worse than Facebook’s web interface but it does support notifications and chat in a hi-res interface.

Sure, you could keep using the free Facebook app, but given that it is rarely updated and slightly buggy, the folks at Napkin Studios have decided to offer a superior quality app for Facebook interaction at a fair price. Sure it just aggregates functionality that already exists, but it does it in a fairly usable and actually quite beautiful way.

So if you need your Facebook fix and don’t want to suffer from the embarrassment of iPad pixelation, Friended is your app.