Video: Interview with Opera's Jon Von Tetzchner

Back in the day, before the iPhone, before Android, before Webkit, before Skyfire, when we suffered through mobile web experiences using Pocket IE or worse yet maybe a preinstalled Motorola WAP 2.0 browser (dark times my friends), there was a bright and shining star that would aid those in need. That star was Opera. Its two flagship mobile browsers—Opera Mobile and Opera Mini—were a delight to proto-smartphone owners and T9‘ers alike. A premium, relatively elegant web experience on just about any little phone and mostly for free. I think I paid 5 bucks for Opera Mobile on my old BlackJack II and it was well worth it.

I admit to being a long-time fan of their mobile (and desktop) browsers and admire their constant upkeep to make their software work on as many phones as possible. It was therefore a treat to get to speak with Jon Von Tetzchner, co-founder of the company, and pick his brain about the future of Opera’s many browsers.