Automower 305 Is Latest Mower From Husqvarna, Will Help Win Neighborhood Contest For Best Lawn

It’s still winter, but once spring comes, it’ll be time to cut the grass again. If you’re too lazy, then let a robot do it — oh yeah the future is here. Husqvarna has been around for a while, but today are better known garden items instead of dirt bikes. Their latest offering is called the Automower 305 and it promises to lift the labor of grass cutting off of your shoulders.

The battery-powered mower weighs only 7kg and can trim some bush for about 40 minutes on a full charge, which takes 150 minutes to achieve. The Automower even comes with a built-in anti-theft system capable of scaring of thieves with an alarm. The mower moves at 35 cm/s or 0.782927702 mph. It’s good for cutting up to 500 square meters of grass, but it’ll cost you: $2000.