Make Sense Of Your Social Photos With VVall's GRID

Ever find yourself posting a ton of pictures to Twitter and Facebook and Dailybooth and so on and so forth, just to have them fall into the digital abyss? The people behind vvall, a stealthish mobile photo app, have created GRID, a humble project inspired by Coffee Of The Week. GRID attempts to organize your social photos chronologically, separating your own and your friends’ online image trails by date and days of the week.

In a wider scope than Twitter apps like Lookedon, GRID right now covers four platforms (Facebook, Twitpic,  PiczPlz, and Dailybooth) but aims to add others like Instagram, Flickr and Yfrog as soon as technically possible. This feat is obviously challenging, as there are 82 different apps that post photos to Twitter alone and dealing with all the limitations of different APIs is akin to herding cats.

While neat in and of itself, GRID is the kickstarter project for the as of yet unlaunched vvwall, which is an attempt to aggregate all your social photo action on one mobile platform, with emphasis on “completeness” and “reminiscence” as well as upload speed and service stability.

Says creator Ray Chan Chin Ching, “Instagram is great, Picplz is great, Facebook photo is great, but still, your photos (memories) are still here and there on different platforms. There is not yet a place to build one’s complete memories. vvall hopes to fulfill such need.”

vvall is currently bootstrapped and is looking for funding or to join an incubator like Y Combinator or TechStars.