Japanese Arcade Documentary 100 Yen Hits This Fall

100 YEN: The Japanese Arcade Experience from Strata Studios on Vimeo.

Here’s a success story of the crowdsourced variety. 100 Yen, a documentary project looking at arcade culture in Japan, has garnered all the cash it needs (via IndieGogo) to finish shooting, edit, and distribute their film, and it should get a release this fall. I don’t think you’ll be seeing it at your local multiplex, but I bet your local indie flick joint would host a showing if you can sell a few tickets.

I’m looking forward to seeing it — the in-person social and competitive aspect of gaming is really different over there, and although we in the US play a ton of multiplayer, it’s still a very solitary experience. I think the differences reflect differences between American and Japanese cultures as well, and probably simple facts like Tokyo’s insane population density come into it as well.

More info over at 100 Yen site.