HTC Thunderbolt Pushed Back To March 4th Or Later?

If we were going by Verizon’s own announcements, the HTC Thunderbolt and it’s big ol’ Android-powered screen would have hit the shelves by mid-February. And yet, nothing; a quick glance at Verizon’s current smartphone line-up makes nary a mention of the Thunderbolt, and the dedicated Thunderbolt page is still promising info “before it hits” to anyone who will fork over an e-mail address.

According to one Best Buy store out of Roseville, CA (or, as us Bay Area jerks call it, “Where?”), the Thunderbolt has quietly slipped back to a launch date of March 4th or later. No matter how you look at it, March 4th doesn’t quite fit within the “mid-February” window. So, why the delay? Are they giving their shiny new iPhone more room to breath? Are they worried about the new MacBook Pro’s Thunderbolt feature confusing folks? The world may never know.