iFixit tears apart the Galaxy S 4G, sets it on fire

Us gadget-lovin’ folks are a weird lot. As much as we love shiny new toys, we also love to see shiny new toys get torn apart. We also, as I’ve learned today, seem to have an odd fascination with watching them burn.

That’s why the latest in iFixit‘s series of gadget-stripping teardowns is particularly wonderful. They’d heard that part of the new Samsung Galaxy S 4G was made of magnesium — and as any kid who had a more adventurous teacher in High School could teach you, cool stuff happens when you burn magnesium. Specifically, it burns white. Really, really bright white. As in destroy-your-eyes bright.

For all the burninating (and other discoveries, like that the Galaxy S 4G’s face is constructed somewhat poorly but that the sliding micro-USB slot is built quite cleverly) you can find iFixit’s teardown right here.