UK court rules Assange to be extradited to Sweden – he has 7 days to appeal

A London court has ruled that Wikileaks founder Julian Assange should to be extradited to Sweden to face further questioning on allegations of sexual offences. He has seven days to appeal. The judge said: “I’m satisfied that if a decision is taken to hold the Swedish trial in private that will not breach Article 6 or any human rights.”

He added: “None of the points raised by the #Assange defence establishes an abuse of process,” and that if there have been abuses in the legal process in Sweden, that “the right place for these to be examined and remedied is in the Swedish trial system”.

He also said: “I have no doubt this defendant is wanted for prosecution in Sweden …the boundary between suspicion and prosecution has been crossed.”

Assange can make bail as he has “£200,00 in security, four personal “sureties” and five famous celebrities acting as sureties, according to his legal counsel Geoffrey Roberston QC.

Throughout the hearing Assange – who arrived late to court – remained stony-faced in the dock and appeared to be unmoved by the verdict, which perhaps indicates that he expected to be extradited.

So, the story continues.