Wordchuck's Shelly Roche On The Challenges Of Being "RV Profitable" [TCTV]

Offhand internationalization doesn’t seem like it should be a problem for websites, or at least it should be a problem that should be easy to solve. Well not so much,  at least according to Wordchuck founder Shelly Roche.

We brought Roche into the newly redesigned TCTV studio to talk about her efforts at automating translation (in over 20 languages!) for the Ruby on Rails community, what its like to not win a TechCrunch Disrupt hackathon as well as her future plans for the internationalization of web content, a project which evolved out of her own attempts to make localization less painful for her own personal development efforts.

Workchuck received 100K of angel funding shortly after TechCrunch Disrupt, and Shelly’s been working on wearing multiple hats ever since, building a startup by herself  out of her 17-year-old 23′ Class C RV. Watch the video above to catch up with Shelly and get a taste of her “RV Profitable” adventure.

You can also catch Shelly back in the day here, or in the Wordchuck walk through, below.