Gillmor Gang 2.26.11 (TCTV)

Every Gillmor Gang begins with a mysterious blend of serendipity and confusion. This episode is no exception, as Robert Scoble attempts to discuss the Motorola VaVaVoom or somesuch. The only problem with that (or any other Android tablet) is that Gillmor himself could care less about anything other than waiting for next Wednesday’s rollout of the iPad II. John Taschek is an Android fanboy, and Kevin Marks used to work for Google and has not yet shaken the mindset off. I am trying to think of things to keep me occupied until Wednesday.

In other news, we discuss pricing for the iPad I on launch day, which Scoble’s spies say is coming in [redacted.] The Gang runs the gamut of predictions, but unfortunately that tangent only lasted some 20 minutes or so. An attempt at Oscar picks crashed and burned. A multiple plug aggregator was offered as a solution for the iPod Touch’s missing USB/electric plug connector. My iPhone bumper is disintegrating, which like the groundhog’s shadow, indicates another 6 months until iPhone 5. Only five more days to go. I need help. @scobleizer @stevegillmor @kevinmarks @jtaschek