IBM Expands Cloud IT Offerings With New Virtualization Software

IBM is expanding its footprint in the cloud today with the debut of new capabilities in virtualization, image management and cloud computing, including software that can virtualize a data center within minutes.

IBM’s new advanced virtual deployment software, which is now in open beta, allows IT firms to create a cloud environment with and deploy a single virtual machine in seconds, dozens in a few minutes and hundreds or thousands. Organizations can install, configure and automate the creation of new virtual machines, making it simple to deploy machines on the fly.

IBM is also announcing new version of its Tivoli Provisioning Manager, which automates data center provisioning. The new software allows users to quickly deploy images and optimize resources. And the Tivoli Storage Manager for Virtual Environments improves the frequency of backups to reduce the amount of data at risk, and enables faster recovery of data to reduce downtime following a failure.

IBM just posted strong earnings for Q4 2010, with software revenues up 7 percent from the same quarter in 2009. Perhaps these new cloud technologies will help IBM continue to grow in this segment.