Secretive Seattle Startup Lumier Co. Raises Top Tier Angel Round

I first met Cullen Dudas, the teenage founder of Lumier Co., at an event I spoke at in Seattle last summer. As I came off stage I wanted to make a quick exit. Cullen cornered me and asked if he could tell me about his startup. I said sure if we could talk while we walked. The experience was memorable because he even followed me into the bathroom to continue to pitch me. The bathroom was full of people who were quite amused by someone pitching me as I stood at a urinal. True story.

That kind of single-minded desire to succeed is probably why his startup, still deep in stealth mode, has raised such a high profile angel round of financing. The total raised is relatively small, just $350,000. But the investors are top tier – Founders Fund, SV Angel, Fritz Lanman, Robert Nelson, Mike Slade, Robert Lesko and Alex Knight. Adrian Aoun, founder of cross-town stealth startup Wavii, is advising the company.

The company is called Lumier Co. It doesn’t have much of a website –, and all Cullen will really say about what he’s up to is this: We’re experimenting with software.” His main goal right now is hiring, and they can be reached at

Cullen was previously at Microsoft working on the Xbox and Kinect teams.