This Just In: Facebook Makes Millenials Even More Insufferable (TCTV)

In case recent political uprisings have given us too many reasons to feel good about the impact Facebook is having in the world, we just got a study from Cornell that shows the mega-site is also helping boost millenials’ self-esteem. Because, you know, the so-called “self-esteem generation” needs more of that.

All quips about millenials aside, the study trumpets the findings as a sign that the Internet is doing something good for the world. To us, it proves the exact opposite. The reason Facebook boosted college kids’ self-esteem more than looking in a mirror (we’re not kidding, that was the methodology) was because it’s an artificial representation of ourselves, the we that we wish we were. Since when did we count self-awareness and true self-examination as negatives?

Video below.