Apple Files For Dozens Of Patently Ridiculous International Trademarks

We just recently had a pretty good discussion of the “App Store” trademark dispute, but this one is a little weirder. Apple has filed for trademark protection in Europe not just for computers and electronics, but in a massive 42 (out of 45 possible) trademark categories, including categories governing paints, chemicals, leather goods, alcohol, and “lace and embroidery.” Should we be expecting an iDoily soon, or is this a purely legal move?

It seems like they’re preemptively protecting themselves against trademark dilution in pretty much every industry. You can do that? It seems like you should maybe, you know, participate in these categories if you want protection in them. Some are arguable, like medical or industrial devices, but really, lace and embroidery?

Hopefully this is just a standard move companies make in international markets to prevent misuse of the name and logo. I don’t think Apple is getting into baby food any time soon.

Check out the full list over at Patently Apple.