DART Robotic Typing Hand Seals Our Fate


Here’s an idea: pair this robot hand with this robot guy. The pair goes nicely, since he needs a hand and the hand needs him. All this news is really making Terminator a reality; it all started with a hand after all.

The DART, or dexterous anthropomorphic robotic typing hand, created by Shashank Priya and Nicholas Thayer of Virginia Tech is a thoroughly researched robotic hand that works so well that it can type. The robot can just sit there all day and type away. The joints of the DART are able to be restricted just like those in human. That offered the research team the ability to get the DART to deliver the 19-23 degrees of freedom, like that in the human hand.

DART is being optimized for use by the humanoid robots being developed to assist elderly people who want to operate computers and other machines. And they will be able to do this by giving the robot voice commands.

[via kotaku