Dice Says PC Gaming Isn't Dead, Battlefield 3 Will Fix The FPS Experience

PC gamers—those who aren’t destroying the universe, at least—have at least one genuine PC game to look forward to this year, and that’s Battlefield 3. All of us here are pretty excited about, and we’re generally tough graders. Anyhow, Dice revealed the game at GDC this week, and they’ve rushed to the defense of PC gamers, saying that the “death of PC gaming” is “bullshit.” Can’t get much more clear than that.

When I saw Battlefield 3 about two weeks ago (EA was in New York for some event), the producer on hand stressed that the game was absolutely built from the ground up for the PC. The game’s engine, Frostbite 3, will take advantage of the raw power flowing through recent Nvidia and AMD GPUs.

It’s not going to be a shoddy port, filled with the low-res textures commonly found in the transition from console to PC. (Have you seen Dragon Age 2 on a PC? Oh, dear…) It’s not going to be like Bullestorm where you can’t so much as edit the .ini files without having to pray to the sun god.

Being able to use a mouse and keyboard or set the FOV should not be considered a “feature” in 2011.

Dice told Techland that the game intends to “[fix] the experience” found in shooters today, that games will be copying it in the future.

Dice also said that controversy “is not a mature way to sell a game. You still want to be proud at the end of the day.”

Remind you of anything?