Geotrio Wants To Be The YouTube For Tours

Startup Geotrio is launching today as a centralized platform for anyone to create, take and share tours. Tours range from historical and architectural tours for travelers, campus tours for prospective students, neighborhood tours, local shopping tours, and more.

The startup is also unveiling an iPhone app that will detect tours in your geographic area and allow users to download audio tours created by professionals as well as by amateur guides. And users will be able to upload tours on the fly. Geotrio will also mark a professional-created tour with a recommendation (as opposed to user generated tours).

So far, the bootstrapped Geotrio has signed partnerships with a number of partnerships with universities and businesses to create tours. For example, the startup has partnered with bike rental company in America, Bike and Roll to create a tour of the sights in San Francisco and will soon create several more for New York City, Washington DC, Chicago, and Miami. Geotrio also partnered with the DLD Conference to create two city tours of Munich.

The company wants to be the “YouTube for Tours,” but it will need to scale significantly to get to that point. It would make sense for Geotrio to partner with a travel information and content site to tap into a large set of users.

You can find Geotrio’s iPhone apps here and here.