iBoobs Reborn: Undaunted, The Famous Chest App Comes To Android

When Apple kicked iBoobs out of the App Store in 2008, they struck a blow against freedom what was heard around the world. Some historians believe that the Great iBoobs Reaping of 2008 is the cause of our current economic and societal malaise, and who are we to question their findings? But friends: the times they are a changin’. iBoobs, an app that allows you to shake the mammaries of various female avatars, is back… on the Android Marketplace.

That’s right: Google understands freedom and the makers of iBoobs, Mystic Game Development, understand the lure of breasts. Like chocolate and peanut butter, these two great tastes can now taste great together. Mystic writes:

We recently decided to do an experiment and create iBoobs for Android, which is now currently available in the Android app market store. We think the fact that it is available on Android does show that the Android platform offers more flexibility and is more open-minded to app developers.

Open-minded indeed, friends, and open shirted. There’s a video demo, above, but rest assured none of the great iPhone chest heaving capabilities have been removed from this version of the app. There are two versions, a paid version for $2.00 (maybe they should sell a premium version for $5,318,008) and a free, Lite version. Improvements include 15 achievements to unlock (think of how proud your mother will be when you tell her what you won!) and touchscreen support. Let freedom ring, fellow breastonauts, through the open dells and unfettered vales of the Android Marketplace.

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via AndroidCentral