Leaked RIM Roadmap Mentions BlackBerry OS 7

Scanning from left to right on this leaked roadmap, things may seem a bit… unexciting, at first. The Flickr product is reaching the end of its life? Meh. TicketMaster 2.0? Mega meh.

But then you get down to the end of the right side, and it’s just chillin’ there all by its lonesome: “BB 7 SN Core Integration (OS 7.0)”

So, what the heck is that? To be honest, your guess is as good as ours. It’s obviously something to do with BlackBerry OS 7.0 (given that it, you know, says “OS 7.0”) — but to assume that this would be the actual launch of OS 7.0, as some sites are running with, seems a bit.. daft. That talk of “Core Integration” is just vague enough to leave us hanging — is it an internal target window where all devices being worked on internally should be running 7.0? Might this be when they begin sending out minor patches to prep devices for the migration to 7.0? It is, unfortunately, a bit of a mystery.

Hell, pretty much all of OS 7.0 is a bit of a mystery at this point. Outside of the fact that RIM was (at least up until recently) considering it a “stepping stone” to QNX (the platform that runs on the BlackBerry Playbook) rather than a complete jump, there’s really not much known.

[Leaked roadmap via N4BB]