Immersion's Haptic SDK For Android Now Available

Just a bit shy of a month ago, we told you all about Immersion’s MOTIV platform. For those who skipped class that day, MOTIV is intended to add all sorts of new feedback sensations to applications and operating systems by really making use of a handset’s vibration motor. Touch the button on screen? Vibrate! Listening to super heavy techno? Vibrate to the beat! Firing a machine gun? Vibrate—Vibrate—Vibrate—Vibrate! Done properly, vibration can make a handset seem a bit more exciting than a slab of glass and aluminum otherwise might.

This morning, Immersion has launched MOTIV 1.0 for Android developers to tinker with, allowing them to live out their wildest micro-vibrational dreams. In hindsight that last sentence seems sort of dirty, but I’m going to go ahead and leave it.

Ready to start vibrating? You can find the new SDK right over here.