Wanna Be A Movie Producer? Just Give $250 To Jon Heder & Nick Peterson On Kickstarter

A couple weeks ago, we noted an interesting new project that had popped up on Kickstarter: an animated short film by Nick Peterson and Jon Heder. Heder, of course, is an actor known for his roles in Blades of Glory, Mama’s Boy, and yes, Napoleon Dynamite. He clearly could have funded this project himself, but he and Peterson decided to give Kickstarter a try to raise the $27,000 required to make the film.

I got the chance to talk with both Heder and Peterson the other day to ask them about the experience so far. The project still has 16 days of fundraising to go, and so far they’ve gotten about $4,000 in pledges, so they have a ways to go yet. But the two have good insight as to how exactly the process works for this type of project — and it’s clearly very much an experiment for them. If it works, they envision doing other movie projects this way — Heder even has some thoughts on if it could work for larger-scale projects.

So far, the $25 donation options for the film is the most popular one. But the $250 gets you an associate producer credit, and $1,000 gets you a co-producer credit. So if you ever wanted to be on IMDb, here’s your shot. Watch the full interview above — you can donate to the film on Kickstarter here.