Yellow Tinge In iPad 2 Displays: Probably Not A Big Deal

Some iPad 2 owners are noting in the MacRumors forums that there some units have a yellowish tinge in a corner or two. Oh no! Oh wait. Didn’t this happen last year?

Yes, when the iPhone 4 came out, the devices were so hot and fresh that the glue holding the screen together had not fully dried (among other issues). Apple’s pushing out iPad 2s as fast as they can, so it’s no surprise that it should have similar issues.

Some users are saying it’s not glue, but as the iFixit teardown showed, there is indeed adhesive holding together parts of the display here, though it’s not the same as the iPhone 4’s construction. I suspect the color will go away after a day or two; just use the device normally and if it doesn’t disappear, well, we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. Chances are it’s a temporary issue like the last one.

Note: the image is of a iPhone 4, not an iPad 2. It’s just for illustration.

Update: Tony writes in with a video of the phenomenon, which appears to be different than how I expected it: it’s more of a light-leakage with a yellow color to it. So it’s not the same problem as the iPhone 4, but I get the feeling the yellow is not a coincidence. Perhaps the glue under the bezel has not completely hardened, leaving a gap for light to escape?