iPad 2 Materials Cost Apple $320

Apple has managed to keep the bill of materials for the iPad 2 much the same as the original iPad, according to an IHS iSupply tear-down. The 32GB GSM (read: AT&T) iPad 2 costs Apple $326.60 to construct, while the 32GB CDMA (read: Verizon Wireless) model costs $323.25.

Those same models both retail for $729.00, leaving Apple with a hefty profit.

The original iPad, or iPad 1 as it’s sure to be called now, cost Apple $320 to build, way back in April, 2010.

The single most expensive part of the iPad 2? Any guesses?


Correct, the touchscreen. Fully $127 of the $326 build price is taken up by the touchscreen.

Meanwhile, the cheapest component is the rear camera, which only costs Apple $4.30.

Useful information in case you’re part of a pub trivia team, certainly.