Study: T-Mobile Has The Fastest Smartphone Data Network (For Now)

Turning on the radio and listening to the big carriers all talk about their 4G network speeds is a bit like listening to children bicker:

“We’ve got the fastest network!”
“Nuh uhhh! WE’VE got the fastest network! And better coverage!”
“You guys are all liars, you know WE have the fastest network! And you’re all big smelly jerk-heads!”

PC World has taken the time to put all these claims to the test, measuring 3G/4G network speeds in 260 locations across 13 cities. The results? While Verizon’s 4G data network is by far the fastest right now for laptops, the lack of any 4G phone for Verizon sinks them into dead last for smartphone speed. Until VZW gets on the ball with 4G phones (which… should actually be later this week, with the launch of the HTC ThunderBolt on March 17th), the title for fastest Smartphone data network sits firmly in T-Mobile’s lap.

The report also found a bunch of other interesting tid bits, like the fact that Verizon’s 3G network is 7% slower this year than it was in the same tests last year. Be sure to check out the full 7-page report right over here.