Beta Time! Facebook v2.0 For BlackBerry Released

Hey, BlackBerry owners: Are you bummed about the whole Javascript exploit ordeal? RIM’s got something that might cheer you up. Maybe. If you’re really into Facebook. Or if you just like having things earlier than most people.

After releasing their first Facebook for BlackBerry app roughly three years ago, RIM’s Facebook App team is back with another swing, and it’s available in Beta form to anyone running BlackBerry OS 6.0. So, what’s new here?

The New Schtuffs:

  • Facebook Chat Support (Both within the App and within the Unified inbox)
  • Improved News Feed: Improved UI, Photo/status posting, Facebook Places check-ins
  • New Navigation: The navigation bar no longer camps out on screen at all times, taking up valuable real estate. It’s now a drop down menu, instead.
  • New Notifications Bar
  • New Profile UI: The new profile viewing UI provides much of what people would expect it to provide, but that 1.0 lacked. You can now view things like contact info, birthday, relationship status, etc. in addition to a friend’s Wall and Photos

Ready to get your feet wet? Don’t mind the occasional crash or two that come with adventure of roaming into Betaville? Look for the new app in the BlackBeta Zone. Though they promise support for BB OS 4.6+ in the coming weeks, this Beta is BlackBerry OS 6.0 only for now.