Drill-Powered Motor-Tricyle Is Underpowered, Yet Terrifying

Power drills always seem overpowered to me, but in this case they seem to lack oomph. I mean, it’s one thing to put a hole in a plank — it’s another to propel a vehicle. These guys have made two 15-watt drills into an electric engine, and by god, they’re going almost 20MPH in this contraption.

It’s a pretty simple setup, really, a few gears to make sure everything is in sync, and hand controls to control power going to each half of the power plant. In order to steer you have to “use your whole body to tilt and bend the vehicle,” which I don’t look forward to, considering its spindly nature.

Safety and such aside, it’s a sweet little project. Lots more details at the project page.

[via The Presurfer and Neatorama]