An Exhausting, Continuous Review Of The Leica M9

Our own review of the M9 pales in comparison to thislabor of love by Thorsten Overgaard who has been shooting with the storied digital since 2009 and continuously updates his post with commentary, pictures, and advice. Not only is he a great, quirky photographer he writes passionately about the places he visits and, most important, the camera itself.

He notes that many people approach him about the camera:

But also from airline captains stopping me in the airport, people approaching you in a restaurant. Some are on the waiting list, some are just interested, others again want to hear if they are missing out because they don’t believe they will ever be able to afford one. It always strike me as odd that people with a Canon or Nikon and ten or more lenses for that think of the Leica M9 as the dream camera they will never get. At least till I realized that quite many Leica shooters mostly use one lens, whereas it’s implied that you as a dSLR user buy all the lenses.

Which is pretty impressive, especially in a world full of point and shoots and throwaway DSLRs. Just goes to show you that someone is still in it for the joy.

via DaringFireball