Australian Horror Film To Be Distributed Via BitTorrent For Free

The upcoming horror film The Tunnel first gained Internet fame—is there any other kind?—about a year ago when its producers attempted to fund its creation by selling individual frames to fans. The money was secured, the movie was made, and now it’s time to distribute the film. And guess how the producers are going to distribute it? That’s right: with BitTorrent. Oh, and it’ll be totally free.

The film, which tells the story of the abandoned underground tunnels in Sydney, and presumably scary things happen down there, will be distributed for free via BitTorrent beginning on May 19. The film’s producers have also teamed up with Paramount for a more traditional release.

The DVD release will come with more than two hours of additional footage, in addition to an alternate ending. A little bit value in exchange for a bit of money.

This here is the trailer, which you can see with your eyes: