Canon Ambiguous On Mirrorless Camera Plans

Last year, we heard Canon was vaguely planning on getting into the M4/3 camera market. More recently Canon Europe’s head of consumer imaging, Rainer Fuehres, said that Canon has no need to enter the mirrorless compact system (CSC) segment.

Canon Europe head of consumer imaging Rainer Fuehres says “The idea of the compact system camera is nothing to do with whether the camera has a mirror or not, but about creating a small and more portable system. If Canon does take part I hope we won’t introduce just a me-too product, but we’ll use the opportunity to do something different. For Canon it would be about connectivity and providing high image quality in a small form.”

It hasn’t been ruled out that Canon will introduce a CSC. Fuehres indicated that if it were to happen it would only be because Canon could do it in a different manner.

[via electronista]