HTC Incredible S To Come In Strawberry Red?

Back in the day, back when phones still kind of sucked, these things came in every color. Want a sparkly pinkish-greenish blacklight sensitive faceplate for your crappy Nokia 8260? Sure, why not. The parts were swappable and cheap enough to make that if the original manufacturer didn’t make one, some Chinese third-party would be cranking them out within a week of the handset hitting the shelves.

Nowadays it’s a different story. Smartphones are all the rage, and most of their parts aren’t easily replaceable. You want it in something other than white or black? Good luck with that, crazy cat lady.

Fortunately, it looks like HTC’s still got some color flava up their sleeves. Though not officially announced, a Dutch retailer has just put up a listing for the HTC Incredible S in an awesome beet red hue. At the very least, it would probably go good with your superhero tights.

[Via Electronista]