Hacker Gets Kinect Working On – Wait For It – The Playstation 3

This is really more of a “just ‘cuz” Kinect hack than one of those practical ones we see occasionally. Yes, hacker Shantanu Goel has rigged up his Kinect to work with its greatest enemy, the PS3. Where is your Move now?!

It’s kind of a Rube Goldberg machine of hack tools: The Kinect is connected to his laptop, which is running PrimeSense’s drivers for the Kinect, which are then converted into raw tracking data and reconverted into PS3-compliant data via DIYPS3Controller, used (naturally) to control your PS3 via your PC. This is sent to the PS3 in the form of normal controller movements (analog stick pressure, buttons and all that), resulting in… a slightly janky Kinect-for-PS3 experience!

As you can see in the video above, it’s still in a really early state. But this just goes to show that anything’s possible when you take control of your own hardware. We’ll post again when there’s better video. I wonder if any games on the PS3 will really even be playable with the Kinect?

For more details, tools, and so on, head over to Shantanu’s page for this hack.