Wenger Titanium Tool Is Titanium

We had a nice little multi-tool roundup over the holidays, but there are way more than we could ever review, not to mention new ones coming out all the time. This one stands out for two reasons: it’s designed to the spec of mountaineer Ueli Steck, and it’s made of lightweight titanium. Who can say no to a titanium steck-knife?

It’s not the most original piece of all time, but it looks like a practical quick-grab tool for snipping, tightening, or adjusting this and that on short notice. The blades are all 50% thicker than normal steel blades, which doesn’t amount to much as far as millimeters and what not go, but probably contributes significantly to the stiffness.

Solid-looking little knife — a bit expensive at $200, though of course you don’t want to skimp on tools like this, and Titanium is naturally expensive (as is the endorsement of a famous mountaineer). There are cheaper versions with less doodads for a bit less if you don’t need the accessories.

[via Uncrate]