Angel Trivia Daily Tests Your Knowledge Of Startup Investing

Don’t know your pre-money from your post-money or carried interest from convertibles? Now there’s a 99-cent iPhone app for startup founders to bone up on investing terms and concepts they might encounter when they first try to raise money.. It is called Angel Trivia Daily, and it tests your angel investing knowledge witha new question every day. Created by two Seattle entrepreneurs, Joe Wallin and Bill Carleton, it’s a fun way to learn the minutia of angel investing.

Some of the questions you must answer include:

Q: Who famously blogged, “Angel List is like Dangerous Sex with Super Models for Virgin Nerds”?

Q: If your pre-money is $3M, and you raise $1M, what is your post-money?

Q: How broad is the friends and family securities exemption?

Don’t worry, it’s all multiple choice.